My Plan

  • More school places

    I am helping to deliver two new secondary schools in Elmbridge, to ease the pressure on places across the borough. Cobham Free School moved into its new permanent site in September 2020, and Heathside Walton School received planning permission in June and is scheduled to open in 2022.

  • Improving local health services

    I am working to strengthen local NHS services in and around Elmbridge. This means more local GP appointments, and better services at Kingston, Ashford and St Peter’s hospitals, as well as at our local community hospitals.

  • Strengthening local police

    I am supporting Surrey Police to keep crime low in Elmbridge, by securing extra officers and giving them the powers for robust law enforcement. This includes reinforcing stop and search powers to target those carrying knives, and a £15m funding boost for Surrey Police this year.

  • Protecting the Green Belt

    I am working at the local and national level against development on the Green Belt. Locally, with our Conservative councillors, we are opposing the proposal for Green Belt development in the plans submitted for consultation by the Lib Dem/ Residents Association coalition running Elmbridge Borough Council. Nationally, I secured protections for the Green Belt in the reformed National Planning Policy Framework.

  • Better rail services

    Locally, I am working with South Western Railway to ease overcrowding and improve services for commuters. I back government reform to replace the current ‘rail franchising’ model with a reformed system that delivers minimum standards of punctuality, reliability and limits to overcrowding on our rail services.