2022 Residents' survey

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1.1 How important do you consider the following: Having the right homes, in the right places, while protecting our green spaces and heritage?
1.2 Extending Zone 6 to include more stations in the constituency?
1.3 Stopping protesters from blocking the M25 or from being able to disrupt the day to day life of our communities?
1.4 New measures to help those that need it the most with the rise in inflation and cost of living?
2. We represent you, so which THREE of these issues do you think should be prioritised by local and national government?
3. How important is it to you that the UK supports Ukraine and defends our national security?
5. Which THREE would describe your priorities for our NHS?
6. How safe do you feel walking around your local area? On a scale of 0-10, where 0 is extremely unsafe and 10 is extremely safe.
Extremely unsafe
Extremely safe