Coronavirus Information

On 21 February 2022, the Prime Minister set out our plans to end the legal restrictions that have been in place to protect us throughout the pandemic.

On Thursday 24 February, the legal requirement to self-isolate following a positive test and all contact tracing ended.

From 1 April, the following came into effect:

  • People will be expected to exercise personal responsibility and be considerate of others – much like they would if they were suffering with the flu.


  • Free symptomatic and asymptomatic testing has ended for the general public. Routes will remain in place for the elderly and clinically vulnerable to receive free, symptomatic testing.


  • The government no longer recommends the use of voluntary Covid-status certification. However, the NHS app will allow for certification so that people who intend to travel overseas can meet international testing requirements.


  • The expiry of all temporary provisions of the Coronavirus Act – the piece of legislation underpinning the many necessary changes the government had to make to respond to the disruption caused by COVID-19.

You can read the full announcement here.

COVID-19 vaccines

The Coronavirus vaccines are safe and effective, and give you the best protection against COVID-19. More information about the vaccines is available on the NHS website here