A safer Elmbridge

I am working with Surrey Police and the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner to increase police visibility, with more officers on the streets. This will help to tackle local burglaries and anti-social behaviour. At the national level, I am ensuring that our local officers have the powers and support they need to keep crime low.


Surrey Police reach recruitment target early

It was great to hear yesterday that Surrey Police has already reached its target of recruiting an additional 78 police officers in 2020/21. This brings the total number of officers in Surrey Police to 2,072.

Funding boost for Surrey Police

I was very encouraged by yesterday’s announcement that Surrey Police will receive an extra £5.4m from the government next year (2021/22). This is a 4.8% increase compared to this year, taking government funding for the police from £112.2m to £117.6m.

47 more police officers in Surrey

Yesterday, new Home Office statistics showed Surrey Police has recruited 47 additional police officers since the government began its major drive one year ago.