PrioritiesYou can find out about my local campaigns across the Esher and Walton constituency here. I am also regularly asked what national priorities I stand for. You can read my regular commentary on national debates on my blog, here. But, to give you a flavour, my top six  priorities for a better Britain are:

I want lower taxes and less red tape, so Britain creates jobs and prosperity in a competitive world. You can read my 2013 report, Ease the Squeeze - Tax Cutting Priorities in an Age of Austerity here, and a column I wrote on the report here.

I want to smash monopolies, so small businesses can compete and customers have greater choice. You can read my 2013 report, Capitalism for the Little Guy, here, or a column I wrote in 2015 on the issue here.

I want more free speech and less political correctness for a healthier democracy. For example, I successfully campaigned in Parliament for the de-criminalisation of language that might be regarded as ‘insulting’ by some, but which otherwise does no tangible harm.

I want terrorists and criminals under surveillance, not all law-abiding citizens. I have argued consistently against Big Brother Surveillance and plans for a so-called Snooper’s Charter - for example, writing in the Daily Telegraph on the issue here.

I want more ladders of opportunity, so youngsters from any background can be successful. You can read my Meritocrat’s Manifesto here.

I want to strengthen your democratic voice - from a right of recall over MPs, to an EU referendum. I have written about how to strengthen British democracy here, and on the importance of repatriating powers from the EU in areas like crime and policing here. As I made clear, in the Sunday Times here, if we cannot secure a meaningful renegotiation of our relationship with the EU, I would vote for the UK to leave in a referendum.